100% effective merchandising

Maximize the dissemination of your brand,
through a functional product that is used
several times a day.

Creative, functional advertising

Invest in a utilitarian,
durable and eternal
merchandising product


Promote your brand,
message or campaign in the most
original way

Hug-me Group received “Premis Empresa 2018”

The company Hug-me Group has receiveda special mention in the innovative business project for the category: “Best company under 3 years old” and will receive support over 3 years by technicians of Tarragona City Council’s Tarragona Impulsa.

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Hug-me® will amaze your customers.

Do you want to stand out above your competitors and retain your customers with an innovative product that will make them think of you and see your advertising every day?

Advantages of Hug-me®

  • Allows emptying tubes of (tooth)paste or cream with ease
  • Improves the quality of life of people with disabilities
  • Helps the little ones to handle flexible tubular containers
  • Promotes your company with an original gift
  • You will be present in the everyday life of your potential customers
  • We are the exclusive manufacturers and distributors
  • Product patented and registered
  • Product 100% national

Where can it be applied?

The most original gift for your customer.

Promote your brand

Dentists, physiotherapists, pharmacies, aesthetic and wellness centres, medical centres, hardware stores, etc.

The best souvenir

A functional, durable “souvenir” with a surprise guaranteed.


Use the product as we show you in the picture, with a distinctive touch set out the cutlery on top of the article so as not to dirty the tablecloth.

Preventive campaign

Hug-me® works as an advert for awareness campaigns: dentists, orthodontists, physiotherapists, orthopaedic stores, etc.

Tourism promotion

Hug-me® is a souvenir of a trip, holidays, tourism, etc.

An advertising gimmick for school trips, with sports teams, etc.

Hug-me® is a great choice to self-finance the end-of-year school trip or summer camp, innovative, fun and useful.

Hug-me® helps the elderly

It helps elderly people with problems in their hands to handle flexible tubular containers

It makes their life easier by helping to handle tubes
of toothpaste, creams, etc.


If you have a business and you want to sell the Hug-me® “souvenir”, you can sell displays of 100 units containing 10 different models.

Contact us and we will inform you.


Hug-me® 1.60€ / Unit

We carry orders from 100 units. Free shipment within Spain to your facilities. Please check for other shipment destinations.

  • 1.


    We can give you a quote as of 100 units
  • 2.


    A sample of customized design
  • 3.


    Approval of the design supplied by Hug-me® or the customer’s design
  • 4.


    In approximately 10-15 days you will receive your “Hug-me®” at your business.

I need more information
about Hug-me®

Hug-me® is a patented and registered product

The Patent is protected by Spanish Law 24/2015, of 24 July, on Patents, Section 7, Arts. 62 to 71.

Trademark: Spanish Law 17/2001, of 7 December, on Trademarks, Section 5, Chapter 3, Arts. 40 to 45.


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