Virtual Assistant

Happy New Year 2021 ! We have met with the help of: Sara, Meritxell and Katy for each of the 3 languages that we have customized our website and that will work with us 365 days a year 24h. We apply basic concepts of industry 4.0 and digitalisation in our services to be more competitive and not miss any opportunity to contact our potential Customers.

Thanks to the help of the Xpande program and the expert advice in Digital Marketing International of the company DORADO MÁS CÁRDENAS has emerged the opportunity to install the chatbot, with our 3 new staff additions and their CRM to capture and follow our Customers.

We congratulate the company BLUECARIBU for this software, easy customization and management.
This company located on the other side of the pond, Latin America, specifically in Colombia and that, despite the distance, thanks to new technologies, its professionalism and advice from its technical team has allowed us to enjoy this service in record time. We thank Ximena and Manuel for their support.

Customization of our Virtual Assistant

Visit our website and share your experience with Sara, Meritxell and Katy


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