AMAZON & Hug-me®

Since this summer the great platform AMAZON is marketing the “Hug-me® Squeezer” with a super fun and original collection created with the collaboration of 12 artists and Spanish national graphic designers.

Hug-me® collection of 120 free designs

Free collection of 12 creative artists who have customized the product Hug-me®  This collaboration will help designers to grow and show the world their creativity in the custom design of 10 gadget figures, The destination will randomly choose the tube squeezer that is sent to you and you will be able to know which artist has customized your gadget, in the collection of 120 free designs in the AMAZON STORE (web page within the platform) you will be able to see the total of 120 designs.

You will find us in the main European market places:

🇪🇸 👉🏻

🇮🇹 👉🏻 

🇬🇧 👉🏻 

🇩🇪 👉🏻 

🇫🇷 👉🏻 

Also in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 and soon in Sweden 🇸🇪

This collection of 120 completely free designs involved the collaboration of 12 artists who have backed the innovative Hug Me® tube squeezer. The Hug Me® squeezer you purchase will be selected at random, i.e., fate will decide which artist comes to you. We are sure you will be amazed when it arrives. We appreciate the belief and creativity the following artists have put into their work in customizing the Hug Me® squeezer: Desirée Lara, Arantxa Esnaola, Àngels Pinyol, Idel Rubia, Jone Martínez, Hector Valentín, Nou Disseny, Ester Martínez, Vicente Blasco, Consuelo Casanova, Vicenç Ramirez y Alicia Machimbarrena.

The product you will find in two offers, one individual and the other in family pack format 4 units

🇬🇧 📌 Family pack 4 unit—> 

🇬🇧 📌 1 unit —> 

🇮🇹 📌 Family pack 4 unit—>

🇮🇹 📌 1 unit —>

🇩🇪 📌 Family pack 4 unit—>

🇩🇪 📌 1 unit —>

🇫🇷 📌 Family pack 4 unit—>

🇫🇷 📌 1 unit —> 

🇳🇱 📌 Family pack 4 unit—>  

🇳🇱 📌 1 unit —>

They will come home in a surprise envelope that even AMAZON’s own people don’t know their content, they will surely surprise you.

Individual pack 1 unit

Family pack format 4 units

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