Jobsora & Hug-me® agree on a collaboration

Nowadays being able to have a powerful partner by your side makes things much easier for you, this is the case of Jobsora company (thanks to Saul Rosero), who sent us an email with a collaboration proposal, we ended up committed to helping each other and strengthening our company so much in his blog as his services in this article. We believe that this is the way to do things well and be present more and more in social networks, enhancing the values of the company, sharing experiences and being more human.

Jobsora is a job aggregator, whose main and only objective is to help you find a good job. On Jobsora you will find relevant vacancies throughout the country. Every day we are receiving new vacancies from more than 250 employment sites and direct employers in Spain.

Our principles and values:

• Professionalism – all employees of our project regularly attend specialized events and seminars, as well as additional training. Our team is the most valuable resource that can only be found! It helps our project to provide a modern service and high-quality work.
• Efficiency – our team is doing their best to react as quickly as possible to changes in the recruiting market and offer a modern and efficient service for both applicant and employer. The modern market and recruiting technologies are very dynamic, so we are always aware of the latest industry innovations and understand what should be used in work for the stable growth of the company.
• Work for everyone – this is the basic concept of our project. We put the interests of the applicant in the first place, providing free access to the entire database of vacancies and posting resumes. Every day, thousands of people all over the world take a step towards new opportunities!

Jospsora is present in more than 40 countries and with more than 100,000 userssuarios

Jospsora is present in more than 40 countries and with more than 100,000 users

Do not hesitate and visit their website –

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