Hug-me received “Premis Empresa 2018”

The company Hug-me Group has receiveda special mention in the innovative business project for the category: “Best company under 3 years old” and will receive support over 3 years by technicians of Tarragona City Council’s Tarragona Impulsa.

Gonçal Brotons, CEO of Hug-me Group, pitched for 2 minutes explaining to the audience the concept behind the Hug-Me® device; helping to solve an everyday problem like using up the contents of flexible tubular containers, such as toothpaste, creams or glues with a customizable, uitilitarian dual functionality gadget.

The large attendance by participants and public confirm the efforts made by public institutions to promote entrepreneurship.

Photo of all of the prize winners and authorities and the Tarragona Impulsa team.

What is Hug-me®?

Hug-me® is a gadget that solves an everyday problem as it helps squeeze out every last drop from flexible tubular containers such as: toothpaste, hand creams, glue, etc. It is customizable in photographic quality and our graphic designers are the product’s added value.

The potential values of our company andHug-me® brand are:

  • 100% domestically-manufactured product that enhances synergies and partnerships with companies in the country. You will help revive the country’s economy.
  • We donate 2% of our annual profits to NGOs and local and regional amateur sports clubs. You will collaborate by promoting their projects.
  • The raw materials we use are environmentally sustainable and are manufactured to make Hug-me® a unique product. You will help preserve our environment.

For more information about Hug-meâdon’t hesitate to visit our website:


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