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Has been lucky enough to give a talk to the students studying the first year of “bachillerato” (year 12) at Santa Teresa de Jesús school in Tarragona on entrepreneurship and what you have to do to start a business, the drafting of the Business Plan, the viability of the project up until it is incorporated. We also explained how to obtain a patent, how to register a domain, and how we registered the Hug-me® brand.

The session took place in a class of one of the subjects taught by Noelia Masip, an economics teacher who is currently working on the topic of entrepreneurship in class. This talk is part of the future entrepreneurs project, which aims to promote entrepreneurship so that in the future the students will be able to implement their own initiatives with enthusiasm, creativity and hard work. She will also be participating with this project in the competition promoted by Tarragona City Council in the category of ‘Awards for the promotion of entrepreneurship for centres of education’. The students arevery interested in finding out about the business idea Gonçal Brotons has had as an entrepreneur in his business venture.

Presentación del vídeo promocional de Hug-me®

Presentation of Hug-me® promotional video

The talk was very enjoyable due to the large number of students in attendance. Many of them are interested in the future possibility of setting up their own business and being able to provide a service or product to cover the needs of the market and solve an existing problem. It is becoming increasingly fashionable among our country’s youth to generate their own work once they have finished their studies. Thanks to the 4th industrial revolution we’re living, technology is advancing rapidly and subsidies from the authorities are encouraging this option as one of the proposals to enjoy greatest success.

Thus, increasingly more schools like Santa Teresa de Jesús de Tarragonaare committed to educating their students from an early age to ensure their career success after entering the labour market.

We discussed whether an entrepreneur’s luck is something they simply haveor something they have to make.

The Hug-me productâwas presented and five pieces were raffled as an example of the luck of the entrepreneur. The ‘winners’ were really pleased with their luck while the rest were happy to understand that of every 10 companies that are set up, only one survives to celebrate its first anniversary. Hence the importance of training, drawing up a good business plan and being able to save money and resources before making sure whether the business project is viable or not.


Gadget detail Hug-me®

Presentation of the Hug-me® product:

Hug-me® is a gadget that solves an everyday problem as it helps squeeze out every last drop from flexible tubular containers such as: toothpaste, hand creams, glue, etc… It is customizable in photographic quality and our graphic designers give the product its added value.

The values of our company and Hug-me® brand are:

  • 100% domestically-manufactured product that enhances synergies and partnerships with companies in the country to be able to revive the economy.
  • We donate 2% of our annual profits to NGOs and local and regional amateur sports clubs.
  • The raw material we use to manufacture our product is produced by the company Elix Polymers located in Tarragona, which has backed Hug-me Group in the dissemination of its eco-friendly products and sustainable materials such as: BIO-ABS or ECO-ABS (which contains a percentage of natural wood fibres) to make Hug-me® a unique product.


Hug-me® can be found in Tarragona at the kiosks of the ROSLENA chain, at farmàcia Fullana, at farmàcia Dronda, and also at farmàcia García in Torreforta, with a collection of photos of the city of Tarragona, a most original souvenir which will amaze its users as they squeeze out every last drop of product from their flexible tubular containers.

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