A good chat with Joan Boada

A good chat with Joan Boada

Today I was lucky enough to enjoy a good chat with the person who was my boss more than 20 years ago, Joan Boada, the person who put his faith in me, hired me and gave me the chance to realize myself professionally in the engineering department of the North American multinational Lear Corporation in Valls (TARRAGONA). I worked under his supervision with such important clients as  Chrysler, Renault,  PSA Group and Ford as a mechanical design planner in the department of fuse boxes.

We got in contact some time ago via Linkedin. Joan was my immediate superior in Lear Corporation as Director of Engineering with over 32 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Last September we bumped into each other on 24 September, on occasion of the fiestas of “La Mercè”, at the “walking human towers” in Tarragona and I briefly explained the project I was working on. I thanked him for everything I learned about industrial design and plastic injection during my nearly five years with the company and that I had applied this knowledge to develop and patent the Hug-me® product.

He was happy to receive a few samples and wished me every success for the project.

During my professional career at Lear, I filed two world patents, working with a highly professional team improving the design of the product until achieving our clients’ requirements.

Patent of the safety system to prevent the activation of the airbag in the assembly line. Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee project.

Juntion box car interiors customer Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Patent of modular junction box for engine, customer PSA Group

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