The values ​​of your company

Do you want to enhance the values ​​of your company and for your employees, partners and customers think about your message every day?

Hug-me® is an innovative dual functionality product on which you can customize an advertising message in high photographic quality with the added value of being a utilitarian model you will use at least twice a day.

You will get the desired results gaining the loyalty of your employees, partners and customers by using this product, surprising them and enabling savings by squeezing out every last drop from flexible tubular containers such as: toothpaste, creams, glues etc. It’s 100% effective.

At the following link you can see the video showing the main features of Hug me®:

It is the most fun and original way to involve them in the values ​​of your company.

As an example we can highlight the initiative by Tarragona Rugby Club, an amateur team founded in 1986 and with 32 years of experience playing in all categories from school, U14, U16, U10, senior men’s team, senior women’s team and also a team the veterans, the “Old Vultures”. They wanted to promote their values ​​with a very creative and original design which includes the 5 fundamental pillars of this sport that is growing in popularity among the younger generation:  Integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect.

This is the design they have put on sale with the aim of promoting the sport and its values ​​and to finance themselves as a non-profit entity.

Design customize as the values of the Club Rugby Tarragona.

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13 August, 2018
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