Our first Customer CRT

The president of the Club of Rugby of Tarragona, carried the box packing with 10 exhibitors.

At the age of 15 I started to play Rugby, and I played competitively up to the age of 30. I now occasionally train and play with the veterans team at Tarragona Rugby Club. I have been a member of the club for over 30 years and I am proud that my children play this sport.

When I put our business idea to its president and friend, Andrés Lechuga, he supported it right from the start and pushed me to supply him with items that he could use to self-finance the Club through the sale of the Hug-me® product. With the Club’s own customized design the advertising message really extols this minority sport.

Rugby is: Integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline, respect, and I could go on for ever describing this great sport that has me under its spell, I have been hooked on it like a drug from the moment I started playing as it offers everything a sport should: friendship, fun, good times, team work, effort, self-assurance, the will to improve, respect for your team mates, for the other team and above all, for the referee.

Thanks Tarragona Rugby Club for putting your trust in us!

Presidente del CRT portando una caja expositor con 100 Hug-me®️

President of the CRT carrying a box exhibitor with 100 Hug-me®️

This is the design of the first Hug-me® we are marketing

Hug-me® CRT

My first purchase as client of my client, graces for this opportunity #voltors

Gracias por puntuar nuestro post 😍
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