At the first meeting I had with Josep Vaqué over a year ago at the Tarragona branch of the AUTOOCUPACIÓ self-employment and entrepreneurship support service, I had a lot of ideas in my head for developing but I lacked the support of professionals with experience in starting up businesses. I wanted to find out all the steps needed to set up a business and do it well. Fortunately for me I had the enthusiasm and the time to draw up a concise, feasible business plan. I didn’t want to overlook anything so we scheduled a series of meetings to follow up the project, which were slowly joined by other members of the AUTOOCUPACIÓ team, like Alberto Candelas and Natàlia Guinjoan, until one day after actually having the patent in my hands I was able to show them the prototype of what I wanted to manufacture and distribute: they both liked and were surprised by Hug-me® at the same time.

The AUTOOCUPACIÓ team advised me regarding how to tie up all the loose ends, and with hard work and perseverance, step by step I managed to found my own company. Hug-me Group SL was established in October 2017 with its 100% national product and registered brand name, Hug-me®, which I have been directing since. We are currently busy with our product marketing and advertising campaign to launch this original “gadget” to the market.


Thanks to all of the AUTOOCUPACIÓ team for your support and advice and for making my dream come true.


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