ELIX Polymers & Hug-me Group with sustainable products

The company Hug-me Group, a young, innovative enterprise from the district of Tarragona, in collaboration with the company ELIX Polymers, one of the l

Hug-me received “Premis Empresa 2018”

The company Hug-me Group has receiveda special mention in the innovative business project for the category: “Best company under 3 years old” and w

Talk to future entrepreneurs

Hug-me Group Has been lucky enough to give a talk to the students studying the first year of “bachillerato” (year 12) at Santa Teresa de Jesús sc

Hug-me Group selected

Hug-me Group among the 10 companies selected for Camp Tgn Up One of the 10 companies selected to participate in the Camp Tgn Up enterprise support a

A good chat with Joan Boada

A good chat with Joan Boada Today I was lucky enough to enjoy a good chat with the person who was my boss more than 20 years ago, Joan Boada, the pers

Visit to the staff GiPSS

A visit to the staff at the Francolí Long-term Care Hospital of Tarragona The Francolí Long-term Care Hospital serves the city of Tarragona with it

The values ​​of your company

Do you want to enhance the values ​​of your company and for your employees, partners and customers think about your message every day? Hug-me® is

Radio advertisement on RAC1

    Radio advertisement on RAC1 broadcast in February 2018 by Jordi Basté, presenter of the programme “el món de RAC1”, the st
The president of the Club of Rugby of Tarragona, carried the box packing with 10 exhibitors.

Our first Customer CRT

At the age of 15 I started to play Rugby, and I played competitively up to the age of 30. I now occasionally train and play with the veterans team at